Fred's Championship Texas Red Chili

Roasted Turkey

  • Spatchcock and dry brine the turkey for 
  • Rinse off the turkey and pat dry
  • Brush breast section with olive oil
  • Separate the white from dark meat
  • Remove the thigh bones, season, skewer, and truss with twine
  • Breast side down in a cast iron skillet at 425º F for 30 minutes
  • Put the stuffing in the skillet or a roasting pan piled into a flat pyramid
  • Breast side up on top of the stuffing, and also add the dark meat sections on top of the remaining stuffing
  • Brush the dark meat sections with oil
  • 425º F for 30 minutes
  • 350º F for 40 minutes (may be as few as 10 minutes - temp after 10 minutes to see where you are at)
  • Breast 165º F / Dark meat 170º F 
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