> Knives: The PUNC


Steel: CPM S30V
Heat Treat: Professional heat treat w/ computer controlled zero Kelvin cryo process
Hardness: Rockwell 60

Length: 3.743 in. / 95.08 mm
Width: 0.508 in. / 12.91 mm
Handle width: 1.197 in. / 30.41 mm
Thickness: 0.174 in. / 4.44 mm
Handle thickness: 0.522 in. / 13.27 mm
Spike length: 0.280 in / 7.13 mm

Everyday carry, discreet personal survival tool

Pun┬ęture point
Skull impact tip
Custom 550 cord King Cobra lanyard handle (70 inches / 177.80 cm un-gutted, single continuous strand)
100% Made in the United States

Available with the following handle covers: toxic green, kelly green, forest green, steel gray, or black.

$100 shipped priority mail in the continental USA. Please contact me for shipping options outside the USA.

Thank you for your support!

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